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Headache Clinic

Schedule an appointment with us to treat your troubling migraine and headache disorders.

Memory Clinic

Our specialists are dedicated to help patients overcome and deal with cognitive changes that include disorders of memory, thinking or personality.

Sleep Clinic

Helping you get the quality sleep you deserve! Discover everything you need to know about sleep disorders, insomnia and narcolepsy.

Stress Clinic

Guide to stress-free living! Stress Care seeks to promote emotional and physical wellness, for both individuals and families.

De-Addiction Clinic

We Treat Addiction. Heal Families! Treat your mind, body and spirit in therapeutic addition recovery.

International standards, Personalised treatments.
  • The rehab centre Mind Plus Retreat is a specialist healthcare service provider that extends the best treatments for mental health, addictions and neuropsychiatric conditions.

  • Our team of qualified and experienced professionals ensure that patients receive individualized yet effective treatment for every type of psychiatric disorder.

  • The latest technology of CPAS (Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service) is adopted to best treat the challenging psychiatric issues.

  • Designed by a team of architects from London and India, our facility is spread over 5 acres of land, the rehab centre extends a conducive environment to the patients with different facilities of bedrooms, gym, living areas and landscaped outdoor space.

  • We aim towards providing our residents not only with high standards of comfort but also an environment conducive to personal growth & effectiveness.

A Rehab offering Recovery, Recreation and a Redefined Life.

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What Do We Treat?


Depression is a medical illness or a low- state of mood that causes aversion to activities by affecting a person’s behavior, sense of well- being and provokes intense sadness in thoughts. This mood disorder can make people empty, anxious, sad, hurt, irritable, hopeless and worried in a way that a depressive person can lose interest in life and related activities.



Anxiety is a familiar but a broad clinical term that presents an unpleasant state of mind accompanied by fear, worries, apprehension and nervous behavior such as rumination and somatic complaints, This disorder refers to an inner turmoil where the mind observes a future threat and a person starts feeling under pressure


Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction or Substance Use Disorder is a drug dependence upon medical or illegal drugs that gives a pleasurable experience to the mind and leads to psychological dependence. Drug dependence is destructive and intoxicates the mind that causes immense craving for consuming that particular drug.



As people get older, they tend to forget things, that they would easily remember in their younger days. Dementia affects memory first and later affects activities of daily living (self-care and hygiene, cooking, cleaning etc...), inhibiting the power of self expression thereby affecting their personality .

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