|| Why Choose Us?

Qualified Team

We have a team of qualified and experienced multidisciplinary professionals who ensure that patients receive individualized patient centred treatment.

24X7 Accessibility

We offer easily accessible, fast and effective treatment for most mental health conditions and addictions. We can offer you an appointment with a specialist consultant, usually within 24 hours.

Wide Range of Therapies

We use a wide range of therapies which we can offer to you individually or in group therapy sessions, which take place on different days and evenings.

Redefining Rehabilitation
Mindplus Retreat

|| Testimonial

  • "After struggling with my husband's alcoholism for years, we finally got the right treatment and help at The Mind Plus; my husband has completely recovered, he is leading a better life and we have our family back."
  • "It wasn't clear when we started to have problems in our marriage, but when we could not stop talking about divorce, we agreed to get professional help. We started marital counselling and started observing the difference after 2 sessions and soon our life came back to track. Now we are leading a happy married life, all thanks to The Mind Plus."
  • "During exams my son used to feel so exhausted and stressed that it became difficult for him to study properly. In this competitive environment where you can't expect to get admission in a good college with average marks, exams have become very pressurizing and stressful. Stress counselling helped him so much that his performance far exceeded all his teachers' expectations in the exams."
  • "Having been unsuccessfully treated by a number of mental health professionals, I finally received the right assessment and treatment for my depressive illness from your service; I am completely recovered and now regret wasting so much time before coming to see you."

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