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Outpatient Services

  • Sleep Clinic
    Sleep Clinic
  • Stress Clinic
    Stress Clinic
  • Headache Clinic
    Headache Clinic
  • Memory Clinic
    Memory Clinic

inpatient treatment

  • The CPAS (Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service) works closely with the patients who are dealing with such challenging psychiatric issues.
  • It offers a world-class physical environment which is designed by a team of architects from London and India.
  • Our facility is spread over 5 acres with comfortable air-conditioned bedrooms, living areas, gym and landscaped outdoor space.
  • We aim towards providing our residents not only with high standards of comfort but also an environment conducive to personal growth & effectiveness.
  • We strive to extend recreation facilities and vocational activities such as computer courses.
  • Our patients in the program for stabilization struggle with a variety of issues.

De-addiction service

A Rehab offering Recovery, Recreation and a Redefined Life.

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  • Depression

    The World Health Organisation notes that there are 12.1 crore people who suffer from Depression. It is among the leading causes of disability worldwide. Suicide, a serious outcome of depression is among the top 20 leading causes of death globally for all age groups.... read more...
  • Anxiety

    Anxiety is a normal phenomenon. Think of those 5 minutes before you enter into an examination hall or attend an interview or make a presentation! Heart pounding, dry mouth and sweaty palms are experienced by everyone from time to time..... read more...
  • Alcohol & Drugs

    Alcohol dependence is a recognized mental disorder under the International Classification of Diseases; it is a serious and life-threatening condition with a number of physical, psychological and social adverse consequences.... read more...
  • Dementia

    As people get older, they tend to forget things, they could easily remember in their younger days. Dementia affects memory first and later affects Activities of Daily living (self-care and hygiene, cooking, cleaning etc...), causes problems in expressing...... read more...

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